Glenn Auction- June 18th @ 10am

  • 100 Hopewell Avenue, Tiffin, OH, , 44883
  • Sat, Jun 18, 2022
  • 10:00 AM
  • Live and Online

Description :

---- AUCTION ----
Cast Iron Items - Primitives – Collectables

Sat., June 18th @ 10am
Location: Seneca County Fairgrounds (100 Hopewell Ave., Tiffin, OH)

200+ Cast Iron Items to Sell!

This sale includes a full set of Wagner Pie logo skillets!

Cast Iron: Griswold – #2 Skillet P/N 703; Griswold - #15 Skillet Oval Fish P/N 1013; Griswold #8 Skillet All-in-One Dinner P/N 1008; Griswold #3 Skillet Cliff Cornell – The Cleveland Flux Co. sm logo; Griswold #2 Skillet P/N 703; Griswold double broiler P/N 875; Griswold breakfast skillet P/N 665D; #4 Bread pan, Erie marked P/N 957 (rare); Griswold #100 Gem pan, Heart and Star P/N 960; Griswold #50 Gem pan, Heart and Star P/N 959; Griswold #802A Gem Pan, Heart and Star Aluminum; Wagner #20 Skillet, Cast Iron Skillet; Eagle Stove Works #12 Skillet with Houston on handle; Erie #6 Skillet with Heat ring; Griswold Pup #30; Griswold #768 Skillet – Square with lid; Wagner #2 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #4 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #6 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #6 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #8 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #11 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #12 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #13 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Wagner #14 Skillet, Sidney, OH; Griswold Santa Claus cake mold P/N 897/898; Griswold Lamb cake mold P/N 921 on ring, P/N 865, 866; Griswold #7 French waffle iron, 2 paddles; Griswold Wafer iron; Wagner Griddle flop pancake; Griswold #8 Skillet, milled bottom P/N 715; Wagner #13 Skillet, stylized logo w/ heat ring; Wagner Toy set in box 100 Year Anniversary; Alfred Andreesen Waffle iron, round, five heart shaped sections;

Primitives & Collectables

1967 Colliers Encyclopedia; Britannica Encyclopedia; Annals 1993; Popular Mechanics; National Geographic – 1957; Milk bottles; Griswold books; Chesterfield tobacco tin, Girard 15” monkey wrench, Delaval calf advertisement, Wagner #302 sauce pan with heat regulator, McCormick Deering #66 thresher manual, Smoothing Stanley #35 plane, Griswold #770 ash tray, Griswold #963 cake pan, Hay-spear point knife, Kelly Axe sickle, Unico oil can, Smoothing-Defiance #4 plane, Griswold 4 qt. tea kettle, cigar mold, Conibear trap, Sterling milk bottle, 1961 OH license plate, 1964 OH license plate, Jack-Winchester plane #3010, plane-block #1247, Firestone plane block, farm machinery manuals, plow shears, J.D. planter plate, Plumb Bob long hex, Graniteware gray frying pan, Alex Woldent Co. nut cracker, Victor 1 ½ trap, 1975 Fostoria bicycle license plate, Ekco slaw cutter, Rapid slaw cutter, Deere wrench #7321C, Buckeye wrench, Dehorning tool, Upright hay knife, Steel snatch block pulley, Cooper 75th Anniversary ash tray in box, 8 qt. milk bottle carrier, Ox yoke, sausage stuffer & grinder, sausage press w/ bench, 1970 OH farm license plate, sleigh bells (14 pcs.), Wagner scotch bowl #3, Littlestown vise #112, Wapak #3 sad iron, Lightening rod & white ball, Starrett double caliper, Stanley #110 plane block, metal handle scythe, ice saw, Griswold #2 sad iron, Camel tire patch kit, Griswold #5 large block logo skillet, Griswold #4 red porcelain skillet, Griswold #862-863 rabbit, Andreesen waffle iron, Griswold #31 Danish cake, Caboose lamp w/ globe, Griswold #273 red porcelain cornstick pan, Wagner #1309 flame tamer, Griswold #0 red porcelain skillet, 14” Keen Kutter wrench pipe, Swan iron toy – open curl 2 ¼”, Western Importing munk pan, Double pistol grip router, 1920s Chrysler axle cap, binder needle, Wagner #4052 Magnalite salad bowl, block and tackle, Stanley #26 transitional fore plane, Sears tire patch, Camel tire patch, Klein Chicago grip #1628 clamp, Wagner S-Alum muffin pan, Tamper-hand for sand molds, 1995 Wagner #5 Merry Christmas skillet, #300 American pipe vise, Sears Airline console radio, 14 oz. Prince Albert tobacco can, Brownie ice skates pair, Stanchion steel, Lodge #10 skillet w/ lid, Wagner B cornbread stick pan, Griswold #7 red porcelain skillet, Wards Lakeside vise, Wagner #5 skillet, General Housewares #5 Teflon coated skillet, Lodge #12 lid, heat regulator for #13 skillet, Unmarked cornbread pan; Tobacco Tin-Chesterfield; Wrench-Girard 15" Monkey; Manual-I.H.Combine; License Plate 1964 Oh-Pr; Jack-Model A w/handle; Jack-Model A w/handle; Hog Scraper-Small; Advertisement-Delaval Calf; Sauce Pan Wagner #302 w/heat regulator; Skillet-Wagner Toy; Manual-McCormick Deering #66 Thresher; Plane-Smoothing Stanley #35; Pencil Sharpener in Box-Eagle; Wrench-I.H. 3525G; Bark Spud; Slaw Cutter-Wood-3 Blade; Pliers-cutting-Crank-Wire; Wrench-Flat Head  Engine Valve Spring; Tire Kit-Fix Tite; Brace-Iron-with Spofford Chuck; Plane-Smoothing-Pexto; Wrench-I.H. p28; Skillet-Wagner #3 with label; Oil Can-Top Kik; Oil Can-Exxon Extra; Lemon Squeezer-Unmarked; Ash Tray-Griswold #770; Cake Pan-Griswold #963; Beater-A&J; Saw-Hand-Painted; Plane-Moulding-Sergeant; Wrench-J.D. #51; Crispy Corn Pan-Griswold #283; Sauce Pan-Wagner 2 1/2 Qt; Globe-Lantern; Stove Lifter #50; Gem Pan-Wagner T; Knife-Hay-Spear Point; Sickle-Kelly Axe; Trivet-Griswold Classic 1602; Manual-1982-Service-Chrysler; Manual-Chilton 1982-1989 Export Car; Manual-Chilton Import 1973-79 Repair; Fishing rod and reel-Am. Fork & Hoe-Hex; Oil Can-Hoppes Lubrication; Wrench-Gale; Oil Can-Unico; Wrench I.H. 1326E; Rule-Stanley #68; Plane-Smoothing-Defiance #4Ricer; Gem Pan-Filley #11; Lid I.H. Planter; Lid-Wagner #10 Glass; Wrench-Keen Kutter #750; Gauge-Stanley #95-Butt; Wrench-B&G Plow CO; Saw-Disston Hand Saw-Alum Handle; Reamer-Sunkist-White; Crispy Corn Pan-Wagner #1318-Alum; Milk Bottle Royal Qt; Tea Kettle-Griswold 4 qt; Plumb Bob-Dunlap-Brass Top; Hardwood Floor Puller-Stearns; Cigar Mold; Trap-Conibear; Trap-Conibear; Trap-Connibear; Skillet-Good Health #3Bottle-Milk-Sanida qt; Bottle-Milk-Sterling qt.; License Plate-1961 Oh Pr; License Plate-1964 Oh Pr; Sack-Gunny; Oil Can-Mobil Delvac 1300; Oil Can-Mobil Delvac 1300; Plane-Jack-Winchester #3010; Plane-Block #1247; Plane-Block-Firestone; Plane-Moulding-3/4"; Manual-International Tandem Dish Harrow #475; Manual-International Side Mounted Mower #23; Manual-International Baler #45; Manual-Ford-Wood Bros Corn Picker; Manual-Massey-Harris #70-80-90 Combine; Manual-Allis Chalmers-Forage Harvester #780; Manual-Allis Chalmers-Manure Spreader; Manual-Allis Chalmers Front End Manure Spread Manual-Allis Chalmers All Crop Harvester #90; Manual-Allis Chalmers Forage Harvester Parts Pat; Manual-Allis-Chalmer Forage Blower; Manual-Massey-Harris  #26 1952; Manual-Massey-Ferguson #74 Trip Beam Plow; Manual-Massey-Ferguson Plow; Manual-Massey-Ferguson-Grain Drill; Plumb Bob-Dunlap Hex Brass top; Sad Iron-Child's; Box-Flower; Plow Shears; Plow Shears; Plow Shears; Plow Shears; Planter Plate-J.D.; Globe-Lantern; Lid-Griswold #10 Glass; Tongs-Hog-Hills; Plumb Bob-Hex-Brass top-small; Plumb Bob-Long Hex; Chicken Waterer-Clear glass; Corn Jobber-Double-Acme; Slicer-Eagle; Stomper; Frying Pan-Graniteware-Gray; Nut Cracker-Alex Woldent Co; Wedge-Large; Powder Measure-Adj; Key-RR #PQ105; Plane-Moulding; Ice Cream Scoop- Lloyd Disher; Caliper-Inside; Padlock-O.S.L. RR & Bridge Dept. w/key; Trap-Victor 1 1/2Trap-Victor 1 1/2Hook-Small; Wash basin-childs beige & red; Plane-Transitional fore-Stanley #27; Plane-Moulding-Casey Clark; Ice Tongs-Small-Metal Handle; Padlock-Adlake-RR Switch; Scale-Utility; License Plate-County; Egg Scale-Acme; Plane-Moulding-I.Plank; Plane-Moulding-Ohio tool-1 ¼; Bolt Cutter-HKQ; Ruler-Stanley #36 1/2Plane-Moulding-#9Jar-Hamilton; License Plate-Bicycle Fostoria 1975; License Plate-Bicycle Fostoria 1975; License Plate-Bicycle Fostoria 1975; Griddle-Wagner-Toy; Waffle Iron-Wagner Toy; Caliper-Sandow-inside; Oil Can-Mobil-Super 10-40; Crispy Corn Pan-Griswold #273; Scale-Troemmer #3; Skates-Old Ice; Hog Holder-Dr. Rinehart; Sifter-Slideing; Slaw Cutter-Ekco; Slaw Cutter-Rapid; Slaw Cutter-Bromwells; Slaw Cutter-Wonder; Flares & Case 3 pcs; Cistern Filter Unit; Cistern Filter Unit; Plane-Moulding-Ohio Tool 1 1/2" #9; Bottle-Milk-Gold Medal 1/2 gal; Skillet-Good Health #3; Flame Tamer-Wagner #1309; Wrench-Deere #7321C; Wrench-Buckeye; Wrench-70 to 83; Wrench-Gale #DG847; Oil Can-Citgo Type F; Wrench-Iron Age-Cut Out C9; License Plate-1961-OH Pr; Iron-Electric-GE #116F; Iron-Electric-Ohio Little 6; Skillet-Lodge #9 Broiler with lid; Hammer-Brick Layers; Match Box Holder-Silver; Bottle-Beer-Cambrinus-Columbus; Bottle-Beer-Hubach Tiffin small; Gauge-Fillet or radius-Starrett Co #272MA-2 set; Gauge-Fillet or radius-Starrett Co.#272MB; Mold-Melon; Plane-Block-Fulton; Dehorning tool; Oil Bottle-Pour spout; Hay Knife-Upright; Grater-Vegetable; Strainer-Large, Red handle; Oil Can-Valvoline Motor Oil 10-20-40; Oil Can-Penn Master Auto Trans; Oil Can-Gulf Dextron Auto Trans Oil; Skillet-Wagner #8Nail Puller-Bridgeport; License Plate-1965 OH-Pr; Corn dryer; Griddle-Good Health #8; Oil Can-Maytag Wringer Grease; Wrench-J.D. #51; Wrench-J.D. #50 (tagged C6881 ); Sad Iron-Dover #62; Bottle-Milk-Lawsons 1 qt; Bottle-Milk-Deeds 1/2 gal; Hook-Hand Reaping; Clothes Dryer-American; Bottle-Milk- Sullivan 1/2 pt; Skillet-Lodge #9 Jug-1 Gal-Brown & White; Ice Tongs-Painted White; Pulley-Steel Snatch Block; Skillet-Griswold #8 Red Porcelain; Hammer-Riveting; Ladle-3"Chain Delinker-Albert Lea Foundry; Pulley-Steel 7"; Plane-Block-Ben Hur; Plane-Moulding-Sheckler; Plane-Moulding-Way & Sherman; Hammer-Engineer's Double Face; Hammer-Brick Layer; Horse Bit-Double Straight w/Snaffler; Horse Bit-Hinged w/Snaffler; Ice Tongs-Vivian; Ash Tray-Cooper-75th Anniversary in Box; Ash Tray-Cooper 75th Anniversary in Box; Hammer-Riveting; Tire Patch Can-Western Weld; Tire Patch Can-Kex; Tire Patch Can-Camel; Jug-2 Gal-Brown & White; License Plate-1966 OH Pr; Bottle Carrier-Milk 8 qt; Tea Kettle-Griswold #546 Safety-fill; Tea Kettle-Griswold #A536 Slant Logo Colonial 6 qt; Wheat Stick Pan-Griswold #28 Crispy Corn Pan-Wagner #1318; Wheat Stick Pan-Puritan #1270; Hammer-Brick Layer-DASCO #777Plane-Nosing; Crispy Corn Pan-Griswold #273; Pincers; Box-Cape Cod Cranberries; Corn Sheller; Nail Keg-Large; Lid-Lodge #10; Lid-Lodge #7; Cheese Slicer-Wagner #300; Skillet-Iron Mtn #5; Skillet-Wagner #8License Plate-1966 OH Pr; Oil Can-Valvoline 10-30; Oil Can Valvoline Transmission; Oil Can-Valvoline 10-40Oil Can-Lubri; plate 5; #Fork-Sluice; Jug-1 Gal-Brown & White; Jug-1 Gal-Brown & White; Yoke-Ox; Yoke; Sausage Stuffer & Grinder; Milk Stirrer-w/holes; Milk Stirrer; Skillet-Wagner #3 Pie Logo; Sausage Press w/bench; Hammer-Riveting-Small; Sprinkler Can; Oil Can-Valvoline Trans.; Type FA; Chicken Waterer-Metal; Globe-Lantern-Tall; License Plate-OH Farm 1970 Pr; License Plate-OH Farm 1972 Pr; Oil can-Pour Can-4 qt; Shovel-Ash #56; Sleigh Bells-14 pcs.; License Plate-1963 OH; Scale-Chatillon-50#; Caliper-Union Tool-Inside; Trap-Victor 1/1/2 coil spring; Trap-Victor #1 Coil Spring; Horse Bit-Solid w/leather; Shovel-Ash-flat handle; Brush Cutter; Hammer-Trimmers; Hook-Hay-All Steel-Blue; Plane-Block-Consolidated; Fork-Potato-Large; Shovel-Stove; Bucket-Minnow-Frabil; Vise-Majectic; Oil Can-Shell X-100 10-20-40; Screwdriver-Yankee #30; Screwedriver-Yankee #130A; Spoke Shave-Stanley #80; Glue Pot; Hammer-Brick Layers; Fork-Pitch-4 Tine; Scotch Bowl-Wagner #3Vise-Littlestown #112; Fork-Pitch-3 Tine; Maul-Wood Chopping; Pulley-Double Block; Lightening Rod Ball-Blue; Lantern-Dietz #2 D-Lite; Kettle-Wagner #8, Lipped; Oil Can-1 1/4 Gal Pour; Axe-Double Bit; Bottle-Milk-1 Gal; Waffle Iron-Stover Toy; Skillet-Wagner #3B; Sad Iron-Wapak; #2Sad Iron-Wapak;  #3Sad Iron-Wapak; #7Ash Tray-Wagner #1050; Lightening Rod & White Ball; Oil Can-Huffman Pour Can-1 gal; License Plate-1960 OH Trailer; License Plate-1961 OH; License Plate-1960 OH; License Plate-1963 OH; License Plate-1960; License Plate-1963 OH; License Plate-1958 OH; Door Knob-White; Door Knob-White; Crock-Brown & White-3 Gal; Crock-White-6 Gal; Candle Holder-12; License Plate-1968-OH Pr; Skillet-Wagner #3 P/N 1053A; Crispy Corn Pan-Wagner #1319; Shovel-Ash; Fork-Pitch-3 Tine; Scythe-Small; Fork-Beet; Caliper-Starrett-Double; Hammer-Bricklayer; Fishing Pole-Sport King; Door Knob-White; Door Knob-White; Door Knob-White; Door Knob-White; Door Knob-White; Plane-Block-#2200; Plane-Block-Stanley #110; Skillet-Wagner #6; Skillet-Wagner #6; Skillet-Victor #7, Fully Marked; Skillet-Lodge #5; Fork-Hay Barn; Fork-Hay-Barn; Water Can-Long spout; Knife-Hay-2 handles; Crock-White-5 Gal; Crock-Tan-2 Gal; Scythe-Blue; Scythe-Metal Handle; Drill-Breast; Drill; Mall-Wood Chopping; Post Hole Digger-Disc; Shovel-Telephone Pole; Plane-Block-Craftsman; Plane-Jack-Stanley #5 (repaired); Hammer-Riveting Expert; Hammer-Riveting; Clamp-Cincinnati 6"Axe-Double Bit; Saw-Ice; Saw-One Man Cross cut; Saw-1 Man Cross Cut; Saw-2 man cross cut-wide; Nail Puller-Bridgeport #56; Hook-Hay-Red Wood Handle; Foot Warmer-Small; Drill-Miller Falls #5; Drill-Craftsman; Skillet-Wagner #3 P/N 1053Q; Hog Scraper; Flashlight-Eveready; Sad iron-Downs & Co.#8 Grater-Hand Forged-Vegetable; Iron-Electric-Fostoria; Egg Beater-Whippet; Blow torch-C&L; Skillet-Favorite #3-Chicago Hardware; Lemon Squeezer-Arcade #2Nutmeg grater; Saw-Butcher-Moore Bros.; Hog Scraper; Wrench-Alligator-W&B; Polishing iron-Mahony; Hog Scraper-Double End; Goffering Iron; Sad Iron-Tri Bump; Steelyard; Skillet-Griswold #6 Red Porcelain; Skillet-Griswold #5 Red Porcelain; Curry Comb-Rectangular; Apple Peeler-Reading; Brace-PS&W #100; Wrench-Monkey-12"; Sad Iron-Griswold #2; Tire Patch kit-Camel; Skillet-Griswold #5-Large Block Logo; Damper-Griswold 6" P/n 527; Cherry Pitter-New Std 4 hole; Fishing Lure-Jitterbug 1937 Arbogast; Fishing Line-Jitterbug; Drill-Yankee #31; Hog Ringer-Knurled Handle; Slater's tool-anvil; Fork-Potato with push off; Plumb Bob-Brass top screw; Box-Stanford Prunes; Carpet Stretcher-w/hammer; Raisin Seeder-Enterprise #36; Skillet-Griswold #4 Red Porcelain; Scale-Belmont Hardware 20#; Plane-Block Union 102 (Broke); Egg Crate-Wood; File-Horse Dental; Map-Sohio-Ohio; Map-Sohio-Eastern U.S.; Sad Irons-No. 2 & No. 5 with handle; Lemon Squeezer-Pearl; Wafer Iron Marked CB 1921; Sad Iron-Wapak #6; Sad Iron-Ober #5; Plane-Fore-Sandusky Tool Razee/Hndl; Saw-Stair; Sad Iron-Wapak #8; Plane-Moulding 1 /4"; Punch-Leather (_Pliers); Wrench-I.H. G3170; Wrench-Rambler; Hammer-Maydole; Rabbit-Griswold #863-862; Oil Can-Tranoil trans Fluid; Waffle Iron-Andreesen; Danish Cake  Pan-Griswold #31, p/n #963; Skillet-Martin #5; Horse Bit-chrome; Scale-steel yard; Husking peg-2 finger; Scale-Frary's #2-25; #Scale-Landers #2 25; #Lamp-Caboose w/globe; Cornstick Pan-Griswold #273-Red Porcelain; Rule-Stanley #54; Brace-Economy with thumbscrew chuck; Skillet-Griswold #95 Symbol Ware; Screw driver-Piano-11"; Box-Horsely-VA; Flame Tamer-Wagner #1309; Skillet-Griswold #0 Red Porcelain; Wrench-pipe 14" Keen Kutter; Sad Iron-Enterprise #55; Skillet-Griswold #8-#755B; Plane-Horn; Plane-Transitional-Stanley #135; Flat Iron-Toy Triple Cross Rib 2 ¾; Swan Iron-Toy-Open Curl 2 1/4"; Oil Can-Maytag Oiler; Wrench-Delaval; Cherry Pitter-Enterprise #16; Tire patch kit-Bonded; Tire Patch Can-Sears; Oil Can-Sears Household Oil; Oil Can-Sears-Spectrum; Oil can-Sears Spectrum 10-40; Curry Comb-Rectangular; Wrench-Wizard #9; Flare & Mailing Container-Esso; Tin Snips-Wiss 8"; Potato Masher-Flat Bottom; Corn Bread Pan-Lodge 7 Sections Rd; Saw Set-Block; Tire Repair Kit-NAPA (tall); Sad Iron w/removable handle-Asbestos; Wrench-Planet Jr #3; Wrench-Planet Jr. #3; Cherry Pitter-Rollman #3; Food Mill-German; Munk Pan-Western Importing p/n 2992; Ash Tray-Griswold #771; Mixing Bowls-(3) Blue-Pryex; Wrench-J.D. #50; Griddle-Battleship; Drill-Miller Falls  #2-AG; Globe-Dietz; Key-Fram; Timetable-Santa Fe; Timetable-Union Pacific RR 1969; Timetable-Seaboard Coast Line 1966; Drill-Wards-Master Quality; Pliers-Keen Kutter; Wrench-J.D. #52; Rule-Stanley #61; Reamer-Wagner Alum; Ice Cream-Bonzer; Router-Double Pistol Grip; Plane-Transitional-Stanley 22 ½; Oil Can-Shell Auto Trans; Hog Ringer-Humone; Oil Can-Wards 1 gal; Hog Ringer-Pat'd 1872; Tin-Ex Lax; Grater-The Edgar; Nippers-Weed Pat'd 7/29/13; Husking Peg; Swan Iron-Toy-Open Open Curl 2 1/4"; Hog ringer; Blow torch; Manual-I.H. Harvester-Thresher #101; Wrench-Monkey-H.D. Smith; Wrench-HyBar; Wrench-crescent-4"; License Plate-1961 OH; Wrench-Monkey-Wizard #9; Wrench-Tire Carrier-678225; Manual-Massey Ferguson #20; Cookbook-Whirlpool Microwave; Advertisement-Delaval Cow; Oil Can-3-in-one Wire Stretcher; Ice Scraper-Sohio; CookBook-Whirlpool Cookbook; Oil Can-Jon E Warmer fluid; Wrench-Socket-Speed; Tin snips-Wiss 9" Curved cutters; Husking Peg; Timetable-Akron Chicago; Pruners; Curb Feeler; Wrench-I.H. 12737 DO; Damper-Early Am ASW Inc 5"Punch-Leather; Punch-Leather; License Plate-1969 OH  Pr; License Plate-1972 OH; Can Opener-w/cork screw; Bowls-Set of 3; Fire King-Dusty Rose; Drill-Yankee #41; Rule-Stanley #62; Distributor Cap-Black; Plane-Moulding; Paper holder; Rug-Throw; Wrench-I.H. U50; Stove Crank-86A; Hoof Trimmer; Grass Chipper-Sears; Trimmer-Eclipse; Horse bit-Chrome; Oil Can-Ru Glyde; Axle Cap-Chrysler-1920's; Stove Crank-Majestic; Bottle-milk-HPM Co 1 pt; Wrench-CFCO; Manual-Case FCA Series B663Field Cultivator; Rule-Stanley #136; Wrench-Globe; Wrench-Dayton 4025; Wrench-I.H. 750367; Bottle-Milk-U Serve 1/2 pt; Wrench-3 in 1 #3001 chicago; Wrench-Syracuse LH22; Hog Ringer-Pat'd 3/17/71; Tin Snips 8"Bottle-Certo; Wire Cutters; Cylinder Dead Bolt & Lock-Yale; Globe-Lantern; Wrench-Pipeline; Wrench-Pipeline #2; Punch-Belt-Flex Co. #1; Wrench-Mossberg #613 Socket; Saw-Butcher-Bonanza #20; Twine Cutter-Upper Sandusky; Wrench-Ford-Monkey-Wood Handle 10"; Oil Can-Boron Charcoal Lighter; Counter Sink tool; Counter Sink tool; Manual-Oliver Plow; Oil Can-1 pt pour can; Wrench-I.H.G3171; Saw-Compass; Caliper-Double-Brass; Sickle; Twine Cutter; Thread die 1/3/8"; Ledger Plate-I.H.; Sickle Guard-I.H. MC 2041; Sickle Guard-I.H. M.D. 980; Sickle-Village Blacksmith; License Plate-1973-OH Pr; Bell-Plymouth,OH 1955; Hog Scraper-Double End; Pliers-Carpenter 8"; Calf Weaner; Manual-Oliver Plow; Wrench-General Nut-Spark Plug; Wrench-Indiana Silo 5/8"Bottle Capper-Maest Ro; Manual-Fisher Body-Serv 1980; Timetable-CST; Wrench-Wagon Wheel; Wrench-Herbrand H2-mold mistake; Binder Needle; Calendar-Beard's Sohio-1990; Calendar-Beard's Sohio-1990; Manual-Fisher Body-Serv 1982; Calendar-Beard's Sohio-1990; Calendar-Beard's Sohio-1990; Scale-US Postal; Manual-1984 Fisher Body-A-X Style; Manual-1984 Fisher Body -Hog Ringers-Hills; Jar-Victory; Grass Clippers; Drill; License plate-1971 OH Pr; Wrench-Brown-Manly #44; Manual-Chilton-1980-87 Import Repair; Timetable-CSX #1-1989; Stove Crank & Lifter; Wrench-Wagon Wheel-Bent; Sickle Section-I.H.; Door Hinge-Steel-Double Hinged; Axle Cap; Oil Can-Ronsonal Lighter Fuel-12 oz.; Oil Can-Ronsonal Lighter Fluid-4 1/2 oz; Sauce Pan-Griswold #1512 w/lid-wood handle; Tack Puller-Keen Kutter; Scale-Chatillons 25#; Rug Beater; Punch-N&W RR; Cake Slicer-Yellow Handle; Cake Slicer-Green Handle; Plane-Block-Western; Lawn Edger-Imperial; Hog Spreader; Hog Spreader; Bottle-Beer-Consolidated-Lima, OH; Oil Can-Zip Gas Line Antifreeze; Chisel-T&OC RR; Wrench-J.D. #52; Oil Can-3-in-one-3 oz.; Plane-Moulding  7/8"; Steering Knob-Mall; Wrench-Pipe-Lakeside 10"; Bottle-Beer-Kuebler-Sandusky; Tin snips; Plumb Bob-Steel tappered-brass top; Nail Puller; Sad Iron-w/ trivet-Child; Cake Pan-Swan's Down; License Plate-1959 OH pr; Globe-Lantern; Manual-Massey-Harris 1948 #26; Manual-I.H. Soil Pulverizer; Manual-Massey-Harris Parts List Scour Kleen; Manual-Massey-Harris Set Up #26 Cultivator; Manual-Massey-Harris Set Up #8 Side Disc Rake; Manual-Massey-Harris Parts #20 Disc; Manual-Massey-Harris Parts #5A Harrow; Manual-Massey-Harris Price List #27A Tractor Parts; Slaw Cutter-Wood; Slaw Cutter-Wood-Walnut; Map-N.Y. Esso; Trivet-Unmarked; Coffee Can-11.5 oz. Maxwell House; Oil Can- 2 qt pour can; Gauge-Feeler-Brass; Oil Can-All State Grease-5 lbs.; Salad Bowl-Wagner #4052 Magnalite; Wrench-Massey Harris #Z435; Screw box w/tap; Wrench-Pipe-Wal worth 14"; Wrench-I.H. 523; Block and tackle; Pruning Shears-Karl Klenk; Plane-Moulding; Plane-Jack-Keystone #5; Rule-Stephens #62; Wrench-I.H. 45662-D; Plane-Block-Worth; Oil Can-Oil-Lubr Press SP-Hollingshead; Oil Can-Cleaning Solvent-Hollingshead; Oil Can-Cleaning Solvent-Octagon Process; Saw Set-Special-Morrill; Rule-Upson Nut Co.#68; Pitman-Arm Strap SH 180; Bolt Cutter-Santo #1018; Saw-Butcher; License Plate-1968 Oh Farm; Caliper-Fulton-Inside; Stove Crank-SN28; Wax Ladle-Wagner #1514; Tea Kettle-Wagner #8 6 qt; Reamer-Alum-Foley; Hammer-Ball Pein-Stanley-Small; Wrench-Fleury-JFS; Plane-Moulding; Can-Dr. Lyons's tooth Powder; Skirt Marker "Pin It"; Wrench-Williams #588; Damper-Griswold 5" w/6 holes; Wrench-Pipe-Trimont 14"; Lighter; Hog Catcher; Blow torch-Turner; Tree Trimmer-Dunlap; Oil Can-Western Auto Fuel Line Antifreeze; Bottle-Pop-Grape; Food Chopper-Enterprise #100; Wrench-Alligator #1 Flat; Pitche-Braun & Sharpe #633 3 set; Pitches-Union tool 2 set; Auger #4; Bottle-Milk-1/2 gal; Oil Can-Quaker State-Super Blend; Bell-School; Plane-Transitional Fore-Stanley #29; Plane-Transitional Fore-Stanley #26; Sickle-Section I.H.; Fishing Rod-Ice; Wrench-Alligator; Oil Can-Arcofleet; Hammer-Double Sq Faced; Bottle-Beer Buckeye-Toledo; Hook-Brush-Long Handle; Pool Cue; Pool Cue-Large; Oil Can-Gulf Super Duty; Tire Patch-Sears; Tire Patch-Camel; Horse Bit-Hinged-Brass; Horse Bit-Solid-Swivel Side pieces; Tin-Dr Miles Pain Pills; Caliper-Sampson-Inside; Oil Can-Quaker State Deluxe; Oil Can-Quaker State-Super Blend; Oil Can-West Gas Line Antifreeze; Oil Can-NAPA Fleet Hydraulic Jack Oil; Bung-Wood; Booklet-Sohio-Explore Ohio; Tap-Winter 1 1/4"; Tap-Wells Bros 1 1/8"; Clamp-Klein Chicago Grip #1628; Oil Can-Pentrex; Coffee Can-Jewel Blend 2#; Oil Can-Exxon-Superflo; Seeder-Cyclone; Wrench-Pipe-Pexto 10" Wood Handle; Oil Can-Exon Plus; Muffin Pan-Wagner -S-Alum; Auger-15"; Tin Snips-#T47 Crescent; License Plate-Bicycle 1978; License Plate-Bicycle 1978; Door Escutcheon-Brass; Wrench-Combination-Hammer & Pry bar #AF310; Oil Can-Shell-Fire & Ice; Oil Can-Dexron Trans. Fluid; Developing Salt Can; Wrench-Monkey-Deering 10"; Wrench-Chicago P.T.Co. #425; Hammer-Slag; Sack-Gunny-Sweet Clover; Rake-Wire; Pliers-Vaughn; Hammer-Stone-George Schmidt; License Plate-1970-OH; Sack-Gunny-Ohio Farmers; Horse Bit-Hinged; Grease Can-Winger; Oil Can-Stanley Furniture Cream; Drill-Goodell-Pratt; Knob-Shifter-Black-Rd Squat; Wrench-Alligator #1 Flat; Wrench-Alligator-Flat; Plane-Smoothing-Defiance (Stanley) #3; Fork Potato-Small; Skillet-Wagner # P/N 1053T; Carpet Knife-Red Devil; Sprayer-Universal; Plane-Smoothing-Worth; Plumb Bob-Hex-Brass top; License Plate-1968 OH Pr; License Plate-1968 OH Pr; License Plate-1968 OH Farm; Tamper-Hand for sand molds; Cow Kickers;  Fishing Rod Holder; Wrench-Barcalo Oil Can-Gunk Household Oil; License Plate-1971 OH; Cow Kickers; Wrench-Champion - R28; Climbing Spikes-Kelein & Sons; Shock Tie w/rope; Carnival Stick-Green; Caliper-Craftsman; Caliper-F.Seekell; Damper-Griswold-6" Old style; Damper-Griswold 4"; Glasses w/case; Gauge-Pressure-Marshall town; Oil Can-American Perma Flo; Oil Can-American-Perma Flo; Tin snips 10" Blue Tin Snips-Worth 10"; Skillet-Wagner #5 Merry Xmas 1995; Plane-Jack-Stanley #26; Oil Can-Blue Ribbon-Neatsfoot; Food Chopper-Universal #1 in Box; Calf Halter-Fence Preventer; Bottle-Beer-Hubach-Tiffin-Large; Hat Stretcher 6 3/4"; Level-Johnson #1123-12"; Oil Can-Valvoline 10-20-40; Oil Can-Valvoline-10-40; Oil Can-Sears Gear Lube 5#; License Plate-1960-OH; License Plate-1970 OH Pr; Oil Can-Snap-Gas Line Antifreeze; Hook-Pipe Handle; Grass Clippers-Disston-HICP 306; Grass Clippers-Dunlap; Saw Set-Front Load; Door Latch & One Brown Knob; Bottle-Milk Rich Valley 1 qt; Jar-Kerr-Self Sealing; Cow Kickers; Oil Can-Smooth-on #1; License Plate-OH Truck; Hook-Butcher; Pipe Vise-#300 American; File-Nicholson 1/2 Rd-Medium; Cow Tie; Post Hole Digger; Fluter-The Star; Cow Kickers; Bottle-Milk Meadow Gold 1/2 pt; Oil Can-Westley's Gas Line Antifreeze; Wrench-Monkey-Girard 12"; Meat Tenderizer 3 bars-wood handle; Stealth Cam-Film; Skis-Head-Pr; Ski Poles-Jarvenin Pr; Coffee Can-Maxwell House (Painted); Clamp-Judd 1 2 1/2"; Rolling Pin-Axle Rod Handle; License Plate-1974 OH Pr; Oil Can-Gulf 10-30; Pop Bottle-Diet Coke 16 oz; Album-10 45 RPM; Door Latch; Sack-Gunny-Plain; Lid-Glass Bowl-Fishscale Pattern; Hog Wringer-Double Pat'd 4/27/1880; Santa Mold-Tin; Radio-Sears Airline Console; Stove Lifter; Tobacco can-Prince Albert 14 oz.; Plane-Block AM Boy; Oil Can-Steed-Gas Conditioner; Hinge-Clarke Mfg. Co.; Hinge-Victorian-Single Side; License Plate-1969 OH; Daguepraco type; Jar-Ball Ideal; Hammer-Brick Mason; Knife-U.S.; General PocketPoker-3'; Tape Measure-Lufkins-Steel #X686; Skates-Ice-Brownie Pair; Sprinkler-Square Spray; Wrench-Alligator #2 Vaughn & Shrell; File-G&H Barnett 1/2 Rd Med; Wrench-Herbrand Tappet; Oil Can-Squat-Flex Stem; Caliper-Ace-Flat; Caliper-Flat-Wm Johnson; Horn-RAM Style; Hub Cap-Steel-L611; Door Latch-Sargent; Latch-Hood; Grain Cradle; Pruners-Craftsman; Stanchion-Steel; Fishing Line-Wood; File-Nicholson 1/2 Rd Med; Crispy Corn Pan-Lodge #27C2; Meat Tenderizer; Drill-Wards #84 4632; Voltage Meter-Readrite; Egg Beater-Ekco; Auger-14" Octagon Handle; Tire repair kit can-Montgomery Ward; Lid-Glass-Tenn; Hammer-Adz Eye; Sickle-Narrow Blade; Wrench-Triumph; Wrench-Craftsman-Open End 9/16-1/2Sad Iron-IXL; Oil Can-Gulf Lube XHD; License Plate-OH Farm 1960; Wrench-Pipe-Bemis & Call; Sad Iron-Howell w/handle; Bottle-Beer-Cicquat Club; Bottle-Milk-4 Serve All toledo 1/2 pt; Caliper-Union Tool-Inside; Nail Puller-Small; Padlock-Corbin-Long Wrench I.H. 1595 E; Wrench-Chandler & Price Open end; Brace-Stanley #923; Hammer-Plumb-Viceroy; Chisel-2"; Pliers-CeeTee-Carpenter; Duster-Purina Chlorena; Husking Peg-Finger; Box-Smith Bros Hdwe; Can-Johnson's Wax; Hoe-2 prong-Large; Hoe-2 prong-small; Cutter; Oil Can-KO-8-Engine Oil Treatment; Oil Can-Dupont-Prep Solvent; Oil Can-Gulf-Gulfpride Single-G; Oil Can-Gulf-Gulfpride 10-30; Trimmer-Tree; Plane-Block Stanley #220; Wrench-Pipe-Wards Lakeside 14"; License Plate-1963 OH; License Plate-1963 OH; License Plate-1963 OH; Caliper-Flat; Starter-Floor Mount Switch; Haines-Horse; Auger-15"; Wrench-Ford-Open End/Box End; Wrench-Ford-Open End/Box End; Ice Pick-Smith Coal &Ice; Sack-Gunny; Wrench-Pipe 10"; Wrench-Van Brunt #380; Bottle Capper-Big Ben; Nail Puller-Small; Oil Can 1/4 gal-Pour Can; Door Knob-White; Chimney Cover; Plane-Block-Stanley-cracked; Plane-Block-Worth; Clamp #540-6"; Horse Haines; Pliers-Roberts Strip Cutter; License Plate-1973 OH; Plane-Block-Shelton; Wrench-Lakeside-Open End; Wrench-Pruden-Barrell Bung; Wrench-Monkey-A-1 Mossberg; Nozzle-Unmarked; License Plate-1967-OH-Pr; License Plate-1964-OH Pr; Sheep Shears; Rule-Stanley #36 1/2Tube Cutter-Imperial; Clamp-Supreme Tools; Grinding Wheel-Knock Out; Riveting Tool-PS&W; Wrench-I.H.-H528; Plane-Block-#1247; Oil Can-Gulf-Saphire; Oil Can-Gulf-XHD; Sickle-Village Blacksmith; Hammer-Old Claw; Clamp-2 1/2"; Grass Clippers-AMES; Wrench-Mossberg #234; Wrench-Mossberg #541; Wrench-Mossberg #276; Tobacco Can-Velvet-Metal; Strainer-Steel; Oil Can-Plews Oiler-Silver; Oil Can-Gulf Pride Super 10-40; Oil Can-Stop Rust; Oil Can-Liquid Wrench-4 oz-Red Cap; Auger-Bung; Soldering Iron-Fleet-Kester; License Plate-1968 OH; Shell loader; Pliers-Gripper; Oil Can-Eagle Pumper; Jar-Ball Perfect Mason-Pt; Sack-Gunny-Master Mix; Skillet-Lodge #10 w/lid; Skillet-#6 Broiler-Unmarked; Ice Tongs-W.T. Wood & Co; Chain de Linker-W-43-27; File-Nicholson-Rat tail Large; File-Barnet-Rat Tail-Med; Rug Beater-Woven Steel; Pillow Beater-Spring Dust Master; Drawer Pull-Glass (2 Screws); Knob-Porcelain; Weed Whacker; Hoe-Ames 2 Prong; Jar-Atlas Strong Shoulder-Qt; Jar-Ball Perfect Mason-Aqua Pt; Shoe Last & One Shoe; Horse Bit & Leather; Wrench-Bung; Hammer-Ball Pein-Fulton-Small; Shovel-Ash-Small; Scale-Landers-50#; Pliers-C.B. Trout; Corn Bread Stick Pan-Wagner B; Saw-Duplex; Skillet-Griswold #7 Red Porcelain; Drill-Pexto; Plane-Block-Stanley #220; Plane-Block-Stanley #110; Hammer-Ball Pein-Large; Hammer-Lead; Hammer-Claw-Plumb; Clamp-#1430 3"; Clamp-2"; Clamp-2 1/2"; Hammer-Slag; Riviter-Little Giant; Tin Snips-Craftsman 12"; Jar of Marbles; Door Latch-Corbin; License Plate-1974 OH; License Plate-1971 OH Pr; File-Nicholson Rat Tail-Large; File-Nicholson-Flat 2nd Cut-Med; File-Polard 1/2 Rd-Med; File-Heller-1/2 Rd-Large; File-Black Worles-1/2 Rd Large; File-Simonds 1/2 Rd-Large; Screwdriver-Yankee #30; Pliers-Cutting-Wm. Schollhorn; Pliers-Long Nose; Wrench-Williams #865G; Oil Can-Rinko-Gasoline Anti-Freeze; Coffee Can-Red&White; Vise-Wards Lakeside; Jar-Atlas E-Z Seal Qt-Green; Bottle-Milk-San-a-Pure Qt-Findlay; Mattock; Chipping Tool-Long Handle; Skillet-Wagner #5; Skillet-General Housewares #5 Teflon Coated; Crispy Corn Pan-Griswold #273; Ice Tongs-Schory & Schellhase; Ice Tongs-The National Ice Co; Door Knob & Latch-Copper; Wedge-Large; Clamp-Acme Steel-Ratchet; Chisel-1/2"; Spoon-Ace-Yellow Handle; Oil Can-Prestone Brake Fluid; Saw-Butcher-Sheffield; Lid-Lodge #12; Lid-BS&R #8; Lid-BS&R #8; Cake Pan-Swans Down; Board with tools; Damper-Griswold 5"-Mold Flaw; Stapler-Wood Base; Lightening Arrester-Wards in Box; Tire Patch Holder-Shaler; Spike Stick Memo Paper Holder; Fishing License-OH 1945; Fishing License-OH 1942; Hunting-Fishing License (2) 1998 & 1991; License Plate Bicycle 1972-Fostoria; License Plate Bicycle 1972-Fostoria; Chisel-1 1/2" Flat; Chisel-1 1/2 Flat-Steel Handle; Chisel-1" Flat-Fuller; Chisel-2" Flat; Chisel 3/8" Flat Buck Bros; Chisel-1/2" Rd-Goodell-Pratt; Punch-Wood Handle; Screwdriver-Yankee #2 H; Horseshoe Stand; Jar-Ball Perfect Mason Clear-Pint; Jar-Chef-Toledo-Pint; Bottle-Milk 5 cent Store Bottle-Quart-Universal; Rolling Pin-Maple-Axlerod Handle; Slide-Rule-Post; Hammer-Ball Pein-Large; Hammer-Ball Pein-MediumWrench-Pipe-10"; Wrench-Pipe-Rigid-14"; Wrench-Pipe-14"; Rule-Steel tape-75" Pemco; Hook-Hay with steel pipe handle; Shears-Doo Clip; Screwdriver Sete-Sterling Plant; Trammel Points-Stanley #4; Lid-Unmarked; Heat Regulator for #13 Skillet; Corn Bread Pan-Unmarked; Clamp-Blue-Long Handle; Box-AM.; Shoe Shank Co.; Lantern - Conrail-Starlite #222; Knob-Steel; Lid-Glass-Unmarked #5; Jar-Ball -Mason-1 qt olive; Jar-Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858-1 qt green; Level-1'License Plate-1949 OH; Mallet-Rubber; Wrench-I.H. #G3170; Wrench-#C68334; Chisel-1/2" Craftsman; Chisel-1/2" Stanley; Corn Jobber-Eagle; Hammer-Ball Pein-Medium-Pexto; Hammer-Ball Pein-Medium; File-Nicholsen-Mill Bastard-Large; File-Nicholsen-1/2 Rd-Medium; Block & Tackle-Klein & Sons; Tire Repair Tool-B.F. Goodrich; Chicken Catcher; Jar-Dillon & Co-2 Qt Green; Jar-Ball-Perfect Mason 1 Qt Green; Jar-Ball Perfect Mason 1 Qt Green; Jar-Ball Perfect Mason 1 Qt Green; Jar-Ball-Mason 1 Qt; Bottle-Milk-1 Gal; Oil Can-Eagle; Sifter-Flour-Airway-Triple; Saw-Hand-Disston; Square-Rafter; Root Cutter; File Holder-Oregon; File-Arcade-Rat tail-Medium w/handle; File-Grobel-Smooth; File-Nicholson-Smooth; File-Nicholson-Rat tail-Medium; File-Nicholson-Rat tail-Medium; File-Nicholson-4 sided-Medium; File-Blk Diamond-1/2 Rd Large; Wrench-Wescott 8" S; Food Chopper-Keystone in box; Box-Hires Root Beer; Hammer-Ball Pein-Small; Wrench-I.H. N738; Shears-Sheep; Ice Cream Scoop-Black Handle-Hamilton Beach, Grease Gun-Alemite Model C-600, Oil Can-Plews, Oil Can-Eagle, Jar-Ball Perfect Mason-Pt Green, Sad Iron-Enterprise #2 with handle

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TERMS: Cash, check, or credit cards with 4% surcharge
NOTE: Seating Provided. Inside Auction. Restroom/Food

Doors open at 7:30am!

 Douglas E. Walton, CAI, CES, Auctioneer, Broker
Dave McDowell & Sam Baer, Auctioneers, Realtors
227 W. Wyandot Ave., Upper Sandusky, OH



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TERMS: Cash, check, or credit cards with 4% surcharge

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